Are you an independent distributor of cleaning and hygiene, industrial or foodservice packaging products? Do you want to stay independent? We can help.

Welcome to Balpex — Support for Independent Distributors

Our mission is to create a healthy economic environment for entrepreneurs in the distribution sector, and to foster growth with programs, tools and advice.

Who we are

We’re a not-for-profit collective buying group for independent Canadian distributors. We’ve been in operation since 1973, and today have 50+ members and over $1 billion in net sales.

How we work

Through the combination of our members’ individual entrepreneurial spirits and their collective procurement influence, we secure programs they’d never be able to get on their own. As a member, you’d still operate as your own business, but you’d benefit from the increased purchasing power of a large entity.

And because Balpex members are also partners in the non-profit collective, 100% of the savings we negotiate on your behalf are returned to you.

At the same time, we support you as indispensable business partners. You’ll have access to support from industry veterans, which includes a marketing group, professional development programs and a large book of industry contacts.

To join Balpex is to boost your potential from every angle.

Like you, we’re always looking to grow

The larger we get, the more advantages we can provide to our partners. You’ll be more successful as an entrepreneur, and the industry as a whole will be healthier. Learn more about joining Balpex.